The Society and the Museum rely on a small group of volunteers to keep the wheels rolling.  We’d love to have more people join us.

You do not need special skills or knowledge. How much time you give and when is up to you.

What sort of jobs need to be done?

  • staffing the Museum during opening hours
  • assisting with school visits
  • helping catalogue the collection
  • caring for the permanent exhibits
  • working on temporary displays
  • entering website content (this can be done at home)
  • answering enquiries about Wollongong history
  • and much more

There is something for everyone to do.

If you have some spare time and would like to help,
please contact the Museum Manager:
John Shipp
0411 158 105

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications and experience is required?
The most important qualification is enthusiasm and a desire to preserve our heritage.  Volunteers are people with a range of backgrounds and skills all of which can be utilised.

Are travel and other expenses reimbursed?
Volunteers receive no remuneration, unless the expenses are incurred at the request of the Museum Manager or the Museum Coordinator.  Parking is available free for volunteers while on duty at the Museum.  Where required, equipment or protective clothing will be provided to meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Will I be covered by insurance while volunteering?
Volunteers are covered by the Society’s insurance policies for injury or damage that results from work related activities. Volunteers are required to sign in and out each time they are on duty to be fully covered by the insurance policy.

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