Public Buildings

Illawarra has a rich built and natural heritage.  It includes individual houses, public buildings, industrial sites and the natural environment.  Some heritage buildings and places have disappeared; others have been altered significantly while others remain unrecognised.

The Illawarra Historical Society has limited capacity to respond to enquiries about heritage buildings and sites.  You are welcome to send your enquiries to

The Local Studies collection of the Wollongong City Library contains the best collection of resources relating to Illawarra heritage sites.  Details of the Local Studies Library are available online

Port Kembla Post Office
Smith’s Hill Fort
St Michael's Anglican Cathedral

Click on the titles for other resources :

Illawarra Coal for informaation on localcoal mines

Illawarra Images - a database of images maintained by Wollongong City Library

Illawarra Index - Wollongong City Library database identifying articles and printed works 

Suburbs Profiles - Historicaal data about suburbs in the City of Wollongong

University of Wollongong Archives - includes resources relating to local history

Wollongong Local Environment Plans - appendix lists classified buildings


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