Port Kembla Post Office [Redeveloped]

Port Kembla Post Office [Redeveloped]

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Street address:           27-29 Wentworth St, Port Kembla

Deposited Plan       :  Lot 1 DP 810281

GPS Coordinates      -34.48020, 150.9005



According to 'If I Remember Rightly : An Oral History of Port Kembla' (TAFE, NSW), the first post office was located 
"...at Patterson's house near the Kembla jetty. The post mistress was Mag Paterson, her brother Jack would travel to Figtree to collect the mail.
The second Post Office was at a boarding house in the main street, it was run by a Miss Hilda Pascoe, it was later transferred to a building still in the Main Street, the Post Masters name was Tom Clarke, years later it was moved to its present site."

This information was given by Margaret Downie and has not be veritified by other sources.  


It seems that the first two post offices were agencies or collection points.  Around 1912, the Illawarra Mercury begins mentioning a post office at Port Kembla that had a post master and other staff.

On 1 May 1926 a purpose-built post office was opened on the corner of Wentworth and Jubilee Streets.  (Illawarra Mercury 7 May 1926 p2)  At the same time, a residence was built for the post master at the back of the Post Office and fronting Jubilee Street. There is a file at the Australian Archives containing specifications for a post office, residence and linesman's shed dated 1 July 1925.

The post office building was sold by the Australian Government and a licenced post office located further down Wentworth St.  The residence came onto the realestate market in January 2016.



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