Coniston/Mt Drummond

Coniston is a suburb of Wollongong and is situated to the south-west of the city centred.  The surburb is bordered by the Wollongong central business district in the north, Mangerton to the west, Mt St Thomas to the south-west and the steelworks in the south.  Development of the suburb occurred after 1906 when the original land grant was subdivided.  Further subdivisions occured in the 1930s and after World War 2.

The original name of the suburb was Mt Drummond named after John Drummond who had been promised 280 acres that comprises the suburb prior to his death in 1827.

Additional information on Coniston is available through the Wollongong City Library website [  ].  The website includes image as well as text resources.  Further images can be found on the Lost Wollongong website [ ].

Coniston Public School 1947
Mt Drummond Estate 1834-1900