Wollongong has a rich built and natural heritage.  It includes individual houses, public buildings, industrial sites and the natural environment.  Some heritage buildings and places have disappeared; others have been altered significantly while others remain unrecognised.

The entries in this section are the result of research enquiries received by the Illawarra Historical Society.  In general, the properties listed are either on the heritage register or have historical, architectural or other qualities that justified inclusion. The entries do not seek to be exhaustive but serve as a quick reference.  Where possible indications are provided to further sources.   Click on the red text for more information.

48 Robertson St, Consiton - 'Rose Bank'
457-459 Princes Highway, Fernhill - 'Seacroft'
1 Railway Crescent, Stanwell Park - 'Hillcrest'
231 Sheaffes Rd, Stream Hill - 'Stream Hill'
69-71 Market St, Wollongong - "Allowrie"
14-18 Corrimal St, Wollongong - 'Glen Haughton'
12 Edward St, Wollongong - 'Hillside',
10 Flinders St, Wollongnong
13 Kembla St Wollongong - 'Innesfallen',
1 Smith St, Wollongong - 'Marlene Court'
8 Smith St, Wollongong - 'Inglebah Guesthouse'
65 Smith St, Wollongong - 'Lightcliffe'
30 Bukari St, West Wollongong - 'Keera Vale'
129 Morrison Ave Womabarra - 'Aliummare'

Want to do your own research?
Finding information about historically significant places of Illawarra requires the use of multiple sources. A good place to start is the Local Studies collections of the Wollongong Central Library. The collection is located on level 1.


Wollongong Central Library
41 Burelli St, Wollongong, NSW, 2500
Telephone: 02 4227 7414

Details of the Local Studies Library are available online:


Other useful resources:

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Trove (National Library of Australia) :

University of Wollongong Archives :

The Illawarra Historical Society has limited capacity to respond to enquiries about heritage buildings and sites.  You are welcome to send your enquiries to or through our Contact Us page.

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